Our People: Crafting Quality through Dedication

We are one of the largest employers in the Vanuatuan archipelago and take immense pride in bettering the lives of over 150 indigenous Ni-Vanuatu individuals employed to play crucial roles in every step of our kava production; Behind every product we sell lies a multitude of productive, motivated and happy staff. Our success is deeply rooted in their commitment and expertise, and they are the most valuable resource in our organisation. Get to know the exceptional people who make it all possible:

With indigenous expertise, our workforce proudly reflects the cultural richness of Vanuatu, infusing traditional knowledge into every aspect of our operation. We also employ a range of international specialists who help pass on their knowledge and skills to the local staff who would otherwise have no opportunity to acquire the kinds of training that may be taken for granted in many other parts of the world. While modern machinery enhances efficiency and the quality of our finished products, our team preserves the artistry of their time-honoured craft in key aspects of kava production.

Our workplace is safe and friendly – Everyone who has been through our factory has experienced first-hand the naturally welcoming atmosphere here, where safety, friendliness, and cooperation thrive.

The dedication of our team is unmatched, with our crews working diligently to ensure the quality of our kava products. Some of our staff were even with us before we officially became a company in 2005. Others, after learning valuable skills that enabled them to gain employment overseas (a dream for many in Vanuatu), returned to again work with us after they had quenched their thirst for international travel and adventure. We are honoured to participate in such bonds of loyalty with our treasured staff.

Forney values work-life balance, operating during weekdays to allow our team well-deserved time off, and to ensure they are fresh, focused, and ready to deliver top quality work at every stage of production. Beyond colleagues, we are a close-knit community. Our staff are not just happy; they’re family.

We are proud to introduce the incredible individuals who contribute to the excellence of Forney.

Meet our team, the driving force behind the quality and authenticity of our kava products.

The Faces Behind Your Kava Experience