Community Impact / Support Initiatives

At Forney, we take pride in our meaningful contributions to the growth of Vanuatu’s economy and the well-being of the local community on the vibrant island of Espiritu Santo. Our commitment to social responsibility is reflected in a range of impactful initiatives:

Healthcare support with Medical Santo:

Forney is committed to community well-being, demonstrated by our strong and continuous support for Medical Santo, the local healthcare provider. Recently, we facilitated the acquisition of a new vehicle for Medical Santo, improving their efficiency in reaching and serving remote areas.

Education empowerment through local schools:

Recognising the importance of education, Forney actively contributes to local schools, providing valuable resources and support for a brighter future.

Our donations to educational initiatives aim to empower students and enhance learning environments.

Community projects and empowerment:

Forney is committed to fostering community development through various initiatives, supporting projects that uplift the community and enhance overall well-being.

From agricultural assistance to transportation solutions, we collaborate with local communities, helping them thrive and achieve economic success.

Natural disaster relief and rebuilding:

Vanuatu is prone to cyclones, and Forney has played a vital role in rebuilding homes for those affected by major cyclones.

Our efforts extend beyond business, showcasing a deep commitment to the resilience and recovery of communities facing natural disasters.

Although we’ve been generous in sharing our success directly, our commitment to the developing nation of Vanuatu goes beyond philanthropy; we actively contribute to the holistic development of the local community on the enchanting island of Espiritu Santo. Here’s how our initiatives create a positive ripple effect, fostering economic growth and empowerment:

Sustainable employment opportunities:

Forney proudly employs over 100 indigenous workers, providing them not only with jobs but with meaningful careers that contribute to personal growth and skill development.

Our focus on good working conditions and competitive remuneration packages sets a benchmark for ethical businesses in the region, promoting sustainable and equitable employment practices.

Empowering local families:

Through fair employment practices, our staff is empowered to support their families, creating a positive impact on the lives of indigenous communities.

The economic prosperity generated by Forney’s operations extends beyond the workplace, enabling our employees to make significant contributions to their families’ well-being.

Sustainable employment opportunities:

The positive impact of Forney’s ethical business practices ripples through the local economy. Our staff, equipped with stable employment and fair compensation, actively engage in the local community.

Purchases made by our employees, such as at local farmer’s produce markets, create a cascading effect, amplifying economic success throughout the region. This symbiotic relationship strengthens the fabric of local businesses and communities.

Ethical business leadership:

Forney sets an example for other businesses in the region, showcasing the possibilities of ethical practices that not only benefit the company but also contribute to the overall prosperity of the community.

By leading with integrity and a commitment to social responsibility, Forney aims to inspire a new standard for business practices, fostering a positive impact on the local and regional economy.

At Forney, we believe that sustainable economic development starts at the grassroots level. Through employment, empowerment, and ethical leadership, we strive to create a harmonious and thriving ecosystem that uplifts not only our business but the entire community we proudly call home.

In our pursuit of fostering positive change, Forney extends its commitment to remote islands, exemplified by our outreach initiatives to places like Tongoa. Beyond our core business operations, we actively engage in community-building by bringing joy and support to these secluded areas:

Cultural connection:

When venturing to remote islands to source our rarest noble cultivars, we recognise the importance of cultural exchange. Our team embraces the unique traditions and customs of each community, fostering a sense of connection and mutual respect.

Joyful outreach:

Forney frequently brings a touch of joy to these remote communities by providing essentials like T-shirts, soccer balls, water bottles, hats, and other items that bring delight, particularly to the local children.

These gestures aim not only to enhance the material well-being of the residents but also to create lasting memories and moments of happiness.

Sustainable support:

Our outreach goes beyond immediate gifts. We work towards sustainable support by identifying and addressing specific needs of the communities, ensuring our contributions have a meaningful and lasting impact.

Cultivating relationships:

By actively engaging with remote island communities, we aim to cultivate strong relationships built on trust and collaboration. This approach reflects our dedication to understanding and respecting the unique challenges faced by each community.

At Forney, our commitment to community impact extends beyond traditional philanthropy, reflecting a belief in creating enduring positive change. Whether enhancing healthcare, empowering education, aiding in disaster relief, or fostering economic growth, our efforts are deeply rooted in the well-being and prosperity of the people of Vanuatu. From ethical business practices empowering local families to outreach initiatives extending joy to remote islands, we strive to create a harmonious and thriving ecosystem. Leading with integrity and commitment, Forney aims not only to uplift our business but to set a new standard for ethical practices, fostering a lasting and positive impact on the local and regional economy. Together, we build a future where our initiatives contribute to a resilient, prosperous, and connected community.