Our Lab

Forney Enterprises is proud to boast what we believe to be the best laboratory in the kava world, purpose built (at immense financial cost) to ensure that every batch of kava we produce is optimal in every way, and engineered to keep us at the cutting edge of kava innovation.

Among other disciplines, we employ a full-time team of experts including staff with advanced qualifications in fields such as medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and biology. Our innovation and expertise are second to none.

Our instrumentation is world-class too. In addition to the many “standard” things common to all good analytical laboratories, such as a wide range of calibrated pipettes, laminar flow fume hoods, water purification systems, autoclaves, refrigerators, water baths, spectrophotometers, humidity control cabinets, incubators, desiccation and vacuum chambers, and a multitude of other pieces of “typical labware”, we also operate cutting edge equipment such as a Thermo Scientific Dionex™ ASE™ 350 Accelerated Solvent Extractor, a Thermo Scientific Vanquish Horizon Ultra-High-Performance Liquid-Chromatography system with a 4 channel diode array detector, Haier Biomedical Ultra-Low Temperature freezers, sub-milligram analytical balances calibrated with NATA certified OIML E2 class weights, a Martin Christ alpha-class freeze dryer, multiple Ohaus moisture analysers and activity of water meters, along with countless other specialised pieces of well-maintained equipment.

With these facilities, we ensure that only kava of exceptional quality enters our production line, and that nothing short of outstanding kava powders get packaged to bear the Forney name.

Our laboratory doesn’t stop at analysis. Forney is also leading the pack in kava research, with the benefits of our discoveries trickling their way into shells filled with happiness, health, and relaxation around the world. With multiple collaborating groups, businesses, and institutions in far reaching countries, we push the boundaries of kava knowledge further every year.

At Forney, trust is not just a promise; it’s a tangible reality ingrained in our scientific endeavours. We guarantee that only the purest, high-quality, and uncontaminated noble kava roots enter our production line. With each discovery and collaboration, we fortify our commitment to delivering kava of unparalleled quality—making Forney your trusted guardian of a kava experience that goes beyond expectation. Choose Forney for a journey marked by purity, safety, innovation, and the exceptional bliss that only our carefully crafted kava powders can provide.